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1. Virtual SAP TechEd 2011: Mobility Sessions Not to Miss!
2. More than 20 SAP Mobile Applications on iTunes
3. Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) 2.1 and SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0
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SAP Technology Innovation
  In This Issue:
1.   Virtual SAP TechEd 2011: Mobility Sessions Not to Miss!
2.   More than 20 SAP Mobile Applications on iTunes
3.   Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) 2.1 and SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0
4.   Sybase Afaria for Mobile Enterprise
5.   Sybase Unwired Platform Tech Corner
6.   Mobility Technology Connects Ghana to New Opportunities
7.   What the Community Says about SAP Mobility: Top Discussions and Videos
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Great content in this new edition of the Technology Innovation Newsletter!
  November 23, 2011
  Letter from the Editor: Mobile Technologies for Real-World Business Problems

Letter from the Editor: Mobile Technologies for Real-World Business Problems
The other day, I had a problem: how do I write an introduction for a newsletter focusing on mobility? Like most people, I find that every minute of every day is packed. So, of course, I needed to write this introduction on the go, without having to boot my computer, wait for an Internet connection or for Word to start up. I wanted to use my mobile device and keep it short and crisp.

It's true that mobile devices are excellent for entertainment, games, fun new apps and news. But how about the business data and information needed for decision-making? That's precisely what we address in this issue of the newsletter.

Check out the mobile technologies area on SCN, and find out about mobile apps from SAP. The more you look, the more you'll find the right mobility application for your specific business processes!


Karin Schattka
Technology Innovation Consultant at SAP
  1. Virtual SAP TechEd 2011: Mobility Sessions Not to Miss!  
    If you couldn't attend SAP TechEd, or missed the mobile sessions, Virtual SAP TechEd 2011 gives you access to our mobility experts. Start with an overview of the SAP technology strategy, dive deeper into the SAP Mobile Platform Overview, then learn how to develop a simple mobile application with the Mobile Hybrid Web Container. In another session, you'll learn how to develop services for the SAP Business Suite using SAP NetWeaver Gateway, which can be leveraged for mobile consumption using the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP). In addition, you can learn how to develop mobile applications using SUP by leveraging OData-based services. Finally, check out a lecture that explains when to use synchronized mobile apps and how to build them.  
  2. More than 20 SAP Mobile Applications on iTunes  
    With the latest wave of apps for iPhone and iPad, SAP is delivering the world's most complete mobile portfolio; it's certain to transform our customers' interactions with their employees and customers! You'll find apps in the area of human resources, finance, SCM and manufacturing, sales, services as well as industry-specific applications. Download your mobile apps from iTunes today.  
  3. Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) 2.1 and SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0  
    SUP represents SAP's mobile strategy, supporting all major mobile devices with a comprehensive mobile platform including development, device management support, device and data security and offline support. Release 2.1 of SUP includes native integration with SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0, which offers easy consumption of data and processes from SAP software across any environment, tool and device. SUP 2.1 also leverages SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 as the OData provider to access SAP Business Suite. Download SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 trial version for free! Then see the SAP NetWeaver Gateway How-To-Guides page, or documents such as Installing and Configuring SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0. Start consuming RESTful services with the Online Demo System. Then check out the developer tools for Visual Studio and Eclipse and the code snippets.  
  4. Sybase Afaria for Mobile Enterprise  
    While Sybase Unwired Platform supports the design and runtime of mobile applications, Afaria focuses on deploying, managing and securing all critical enterprise data, mobile applications and devices. See an interactive guide on Sybase Afaria, and read the related data sheets and business whitepapers. Technical whitepapers on mobile device management and security and tips for installation and configuration will help you further. Be sure to request a trial of Afaria today.  
  5. Sybase Unwired Platform Tech Corner  
    The Sybase Unwired Platform Tech Corner delivers a comprehensive set of technical resources: technical whitepapers, developer guides for different platforms (BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Mobile/Windows, HTML5/JavaScript) and devices, documentation, tutorials and videos. Learn about core concepts in documents such as: Hybrid Web Container Overview, Mobilize Workflows with BAPI in Two Hours and a Step-by-Step Guide to Configure Sybase Relay Server. Plug-ins and SUP apps are also available, so check out this key resource for SUP developers!  
  6. Mobility Technology Connects Ghana to New Opportunities  
    This Forbes article takes a look at how SAP and the microfinance organization, PlaNet Finance, have made a positive difference in Ghana by funding shea nut farmers and providing business training. Most promising for their future economic sustainability, however, is their use of mobile technology, which provides an important record of each transaction and allows buyers to trace the nuts back to the source.  
  7. What the Community Says about SAP Mobility: Top Discussions and Videos  
    SAP Mentors John Moy and Thorsten Franz are talking about Building a Mobile Application in the Cloud. And in "Code Talk," Subhasha Ranjan, Varun Rangabhashyam and Yaad Oren discuss front-end applications for SAP using SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Sybase Unwired Platform. Also see Visualizing SAP: Mobile Applications; it offers an interesting diagram of SAP's mobile apps.  
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