SAP Developer Network Newsletter

1. The Customers Said it Best
2. Learn about SAP NetWeaver 7.3
3. Getting SAP to Talk to Google Gadgets

SAP Developer Network
In This Issue:
1. The Customers Said it Best
2. Learn about SAP NetWeaver 7.3
3. Getting SAP to Talk to Google Gadgets
4. Chain and Rename Your SAP link
5. Technical Upgrade Planning Service for SAP Business Suite
6. Lexmark International on SAP MDM
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Great content in this new edition of the SDN Newsletter!
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June 22, 2011
Letter from the Editor
Letter from the Editor:

Better, Faster, Stronger SCN

"Within the next few months, we will be running on the most robust, full-featured, scalable, extensible, integrated community and social networking platform on the planet," says SCN SVP Mark Yolton.

In 2010, the SAP Community Network had remarkable growth. More than 9 million people visited the communities, generating more than 38 million visits. The growth trend continues in 2011 with monthly visits reaching an all-time high in Q1. Our members are active, they show a high level of engagement, and they give us exceptional satisfaction ratings.

SCN has always been a community-driven platform. We know that the thousands of daily conversations and interactions inside the communities are valuable to our customers, partners, and colleagues. The SCN team strives to facilitate these conversations, make it easier to find information, easier to communicate ideas, and easier to interact.

But we've reached the wall with our current platform. In fact, SCN Senior Vice President Mark Yolton explains, "While, over the past years our platform has served us well, we cannot innovate, extend, customize, and evolve this platform fast enough or in all the directions necessary to best serve the diverse users we need to serve going forward."

Read Mark's blog to find out why we're building a Better, Faster, Stronger SCN.


Keith Elliott
1. The Customers Said it Best
"HANA ... is at the heart of SAP's renewal and is core to everything we are working on," says SAP Executive Board member Vishal Sikka. In a new blog, Vishal explains that, "HANA is already in or is coming to every SAP product. We really have a whole flood coming."
2. Learn about SAP NetWeaver 7.3
The latest release of SAP's technology platform is used by SAP customers to complement their business applications with technology components that enable faster adaptation to their business processes, better integration into other SAP and non-SAP applications, and increased operational efficiency of their SAP systems. See the related overview blog from Benny Schaich-Lebek.
3. Getting SAP to Talk to c
Check out the work by ABAPer Patrick Dean of Hafele, who shows how to use Google Gadgets as a lightweight desktop analytics feature to talk to SAP.
4. Chain and Rename Your SAPlink
You are most likely familiar with SAPlink, the open source project intended to make it easier to share ABAP development. In this blog, Marcin Pciak of NorthgateArinso takes a crack at making a little enhancement to it.
5. Technical Upgrade Planning Service for SAP Business Suite
A new service has arrived -- the technical upgrade planning for SAP Business Suite (SMP login required) – and it provides all the information you need to plan a challenging upgrade project with various SAP Business Suite applications on older releases. This service analyzes your specific upgrade situation and calculates the adjustment, test, basis and project management efforts for the technical upgrade project.
6. Part one in new blog series highlights SAP customers and their take on SAP's master data management solution. This blog also discusses the Gartner MDM Excellence Award 2011 winner Lexmark International Inc.

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